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Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 Headphone Review - The 100 Hour Problem... (Microphone Test)

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

The Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 are a pair of true wireless earphone for just $50 or £40 that have a very impressive battery life of 100 hours. The Life Dot 2's also have some other great specs especially at the budget price point. They also include a microphone which I test out in this video. However, Soundcore has done something that for me is a huge problem with the Life Dot 2 headphones.

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Comfort is arguably the most import thing with a pair of headphones. Soundcore have done a great job with the Life Dot 2. They are lightweight and super comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The adjustability both in ear bud sizes as well as the rubber wing tips means they will be comfortable and stay securely in for almost anyone. I tested these for sports and they stayed in no problem. A nice upgrade after using the Soundcore Life P2.

Sound Quality

As with all the Soundcore headphones I have used to date the sound quality is excellent when considering the price point. For what is a relatively cheap pair of earbuds you get a great sound. The bass may be slightly higher than some would like as Soundcores default equaliser is one that is quite bassy. The connection was also stable throughout.

Battery Life

The Life Dot 2's come with a huge selling point of 100 hours of battery life with the charging case. This is a huge amount and much more than the majority of wireless earphones on the market. However, as nice as it is having to rarely charge the case, the case is very large and bulky (see video) and for me personally was way to big to carry around in my pocket. For the majority of people this will be the same. If you are someone who will be leaving them in a backpack or not carrying them around then this battery life may be ideal. It is worth noting that the battery life of the headphones themselves is still the same as many other models at around a claimed 7 hours.

This complaint of mine was fixed entirely by the Soundcore Life A1's which are essentially the same headphones with a smaller, lighter case. I would highly recommend considering these instead for most people.


Check out the video to hear the microphone test. Considering these headphones do not focus on phone call quality they are surprisingly good.

The Verdict

As always I suggest watching the video for full details. To conclude though the Life Dot 2's are a great value pair of headphones with exceptional comfort and good sound quality. For most people the big selling point of 100 hours of battery life will mean and uncomfortably large case. If this isn't a problem for you then I highly recommend the Soundcore Life Dot 2. If you'd rather have all the positives but a smaller case then definitely check out the Soundcore Life A1's.

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