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BlitzWolf BW-KB1 Keyboard Review

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Make sure to watch the video review for full details.

The BlitzWolf BW-KB1 is a $50 or £38 mechanical gaming keyboard in the 60% form factor that is also wireless. It uses high quality Gateron Blue Switches which you can hear a sound test of in the video. It also features RGB Lighting making these seem like a great value for money keyboard, at least on paper...

Buy the BlitzWolf BW KB-1: (affiliate link)

What's in the box?

  • Keyboard

  • USB type-C cable

  • Key cap remover

  • Instructions

Build Quality

Plastic build but feels quite sturdy, not too much flex and is good. Well made considering the price.


Flip out feet. Personally with the feet out the angle was a bit steep. See video.


For the price the keycaps are perfectly adequate and easily changeable as many of you will want to do.

My keyboard came with Gateron Blue switches. Gateron switches at such a low price point is very impressive. Ultimately I cannot fault them. Other switches are also available.

See the video for a sound and typing test.


The compact form factor certainly takes some getting used to if you are coming from a full size keyboard. For many general and productivity tasks it can be a bit difficult due to needing to use the function layer for many keys. However for gaming it is great. The extra space for your mouse is great to have. Personally no dedicated "delete" key (not backspace) made some tasks outside of gaming a bit difficult. This keyboard does have dedicated arrow keys though which is nice to have.


Something that is surprising at this price point is that this keyboard can be used in wireless or wired modes. It connects via Bluetooth which is better than needing a dongle in my opinion as it's something extra to lose. It's rated for 10 hours of battery life and it felt like I was getting near that in my testing, it didn't feel like it was draining too quickly.

To switch between wired and wireless modes you use a small switch on the bottom of the keyboard. It can be paired to 5 devices at once and you can switch between them using the function key + Q, W, E, R or T. Which is really nice as you can switch between and laptop and desktop seamlessly.


The RGB lighting is really vibrant and lots of onboard modes are easy to switch between. It really finishes of the Blitzwold BW-KB1. All 63 keys are individually backlit.

See the video to see how it looks.


Obviously at this price point there are some things to be desired and the overall feel is not as good as some more expensive keyboards. Value for money wise it is excellent though. It is very impressive for the price, it felt nice for typing and gaming and overall it was a great experience. I can definitely recommend this if you are looking for a cheap 60% keyboard. If you want to save some more money and get something slightly cheaper then check out the Royal Kludge RK61.

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