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Do the Samsung Galaxy Buds hold up today?

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are Samsung’s competitive response to the growing demand for wireless headphones. The recent addition of AKG to Samsung's growing technological empire makes for a compelling entrance to the market, demonstrating precision and tact.

Here is my honest opinion after 5 months of intense use.

Battery Life

The Samsung website states that each earbud has a battery capacity of 58mAh, along with the case having its own battery capacity of 252mAhs - enough charge for around 4.3 individual earbuds. Samsung also claims that a full charge allows for up to 6 hours of typical use. In my experience, they last far longer when being used for social media or music apps such as Spotify or Google Music. On some occasions, they surpassed the 8-hour mark.


Complementing this massive battery life is the comfort of the Buds. The Buds come with 3 different sized rubber pieces for the ear canal and the for outer ear. The rubber helps keep the Buds in place with no complaints, however, there are small issues when attempting to do any sport with the Buds in. The Buds struggle to maintain their position in the ear when doing high impact sports such as running, eventually falling out. However, they work perfectly for basic gym work such as weightlifting.

Use with Phone Calls

On calls, the Buds perform admirably with very few issues and no signs of extra battery drain when compared with music consumption. From the other end of the calls, the mics in each Bud have a decent quality that performs better than any earphone mic I’ve used previously.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Connectivity-wise I found that the buds connect very well with android devices (I used a Samsung S10) but struggle with connection to iPhone. If you were so inclined to use the Buds with an Apple device, you would also miss out on the benefits of the Galaxy Wearables app. Here you can manage notifications, change your use of the touch pad and affect the equaliser.


The touchpads are very well-made, responsively registering pressing the button, however sometimes the pad can be triggered when brushing the pad lightly by accident. At the price of £150 these come in marginally cheaper than Apple’s Airpods, whilst maintaining a better-quality sound and connectivity.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, these earbuds have given Samsung a great foothold in the market. They’re comfortable, cheap (for their quality) and have become my daily headphones due to the long battery life and small size. These qualities make them perfect for commuting and personal use around the house. The Galaxy Buds hold up very well to today's new releases but with the release of the Galaxy Buds+ could be surpassed by the general market soon.

If you want to get your own pair - or even look into the product further - follow the link below.

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