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Endgame XM1 RGB Review - The best mouse got RGB

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Above is the full in-depth video review

$70 / £60


Weight - 82g

Dimensions - Length - 122mm Width - 65.8mm Height - 38.2mm

The mouse has a semi-ambidextrous shape.

My hand size - 17cm x 8.5cm

Palm - Fairly comfy.

Claw - Optimal shape and size.

Fingertip - Struggled a bit, too wide. Larger hands should handle it.

Feet - Low friction PTFE skates. Good glide and precision.

Cable - Very loose and no drag or pushback. Good choice.


Pixart PMW 3389

DPI range of 50 - 16,000

Lift off distance - 3 playing cards


The primary buttons are Kailh GM 4.0 switches.

They have a very good feel and experience.

Here is a link to a sound test of the buttons.

Side buttons - Good and do the job, take the right amount of force and good size.

Scroll wheel - Nice rubber feel and sits quite low into the mouse. Clear between each step. Not much of a click though so it doesn't always feel like you are clicking it.


Looks very cool. The scroll wheel, logo and lightbar all light up. The lightbar goes all the way round, which looks quite cool.

Software was not amazing but was polished enough to allow for easy control.

There is a button on the bottom of the mouse which you can set up to switch between profiles.


Overall this mouse is very impressive and highly recommend for claw users, it also does a good job for palm and fingertip users. You get a decent cable and feet out of the box and the sensor is amazing. The mouse clicks feel very nice and a huge reason to buy this mouse.

Buy the Endgame XM1 RGB



Buy the Endgame XM1:

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