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Finalmouse UltralightX - Why I will (probably) buy it

Two years ago I review the Finalmouse Starlight-12, the first time they released it. I had the small version in red. Despite some minor flaws, like the scroll wheel being wonky, it was a great mouse. It is still my go to mouse for gaming today. Overtime I think it has justified the hefty price tag more than I thought it would. There is still very little on the market that can compete with the sub 50g weight on a wireless mouse. Even after lots of use it has held up really well.

Now Finalmouse has revealed their next mouse, the UltralightX. Instead of a magnesium chassis carbon fibre will be used. This allows the strength to be maintained but the weight can be reduced to as low as 32g on some models. An 8000Hz polling rate is also a nice addition. If I didn't make YouTube videos about mice, I definitely wouldn't be spending such a ludicrous amount on a gaming mouse again. That being said, I do really want one despite it not being the best financial decision. There is something to be said about having the 'best' of something. It is like the Bugatti Chiron of mice, very few people can say they have a better mouse than you. While this is quite a stupid way to look at it, it means while gaming you feel like you have every opportunity to perform the best.

Despite the whacky marketing by Finalmouse, and potential for unusual quality issues, the innovation is somewhat impressive. They yet again push the boundaries and divide opinions within the community. For me, it won't be much of an upgrade over the Starlight and for most people there will almost always be something better to spend the money on. That being said, I will likely take the risk again hopefully I will be impressed.

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