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Hk Gaming Mira S Review - Wouldn't be my choice

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

For just $50 US or £50 UK the HK Gaming Mira-S is a mid range gaming mouse. It’s a step above the budget gaming mice and includes some features. Notably a PMW-3360 Sensor and a low weight of just 61g.

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The HK Gaming Mira S does boast some great features and is a mouse to consider. The light weight feels great and the build quality is up to standard. To sum it up simply there are no major faults with the Mira S however there is also nothing particularly special. It is very small and definitely designed for use with fingertip grip or claw for those with smaller hands. It is certainly not intended for use with palm grip. Personally I think it is worth spending the extra money on a G-Wolves Hati S which has an almost identical shape but lower weight and better sensor options. Similarly if you want to save money just get a Razer Viper Mini instead.

There have also been some scandals relating to HK Gaming which I will allow you to research yourselves.

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