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Install Custom Recovery (TWRP) On Kindle Fire HD 7

For Kindle Fire HD 2012 (TATE) Only!

So you’ve rooted your Kindle Fire HD and you can’t wait to get installing loads of custom ROMs! All you need now is a custom recovery, well here’s how to get TWRP on your device easily and effeciently without bricking your device or using a computer. You can either follow the written tutorial below or watch the video. If you have any problems/question feel free to contact me.

  • Download ES File Explorer from the Amazon AppStore (Any File Manager Will Work however this is my prefered and reccomended one).

  • Enable Installisation of Applications from Unknown Sources. (Settings > Device > Allow Installation of Applications).

  • Download the these three files onto your device: FireFlash.apkKFHD7 Freedom Boot.img and either KFHD7 TWRP or KFHD7 TWRP (It doesn’t matter which one however is obviously the latest version).

  • Install FireFlash.apk and open it up.

  • Grant the app Root Acces if necessary.

  • Under the ‘Bootloader’ heading tick the ‘Flash kfhd7-u-boot-prod-7.2.3.bin’ this is required or your device will be bricked.

  • Under ‘Boot Partition’ click ‘Not Flashed’ and find where you downloaded the files.

  • Select ‘kfhd7-freedom-boot-7.4.6.img’ (This is the correct one even though we are on a later version).

  • Still under the ‘Boot Partition’ heading tick ‘Apply Stack Overide’.

  • Under the heading ‘Recovery Partition’ once again click ‘Not Flahed’.

  • This time select the other file (‘kfhd7-twrp-’ the number will be different depending which version of TWRP you downloaded).

  • Make sure to tick ‘Disable Recovery Auto Update’ .

  • Now at the bottom under the heading ‘Exexute’ press ‘Flash, Install Script’

  • Once this has finished (DO NOT CANCEL IT) tap ‘Reboot Into Recovery’ and wait for your device to boot into TWRP.

  • I would strongly reccomend making a backup once in TWRP.

  • Finally you can boot into TWRP from a powered off state by pressing the ‘Power Button’ as normal and then holding just the volume up button until you enter recovery.

Click Here to start installing new ROMs on your Kindle Fire HD

Watch the video here.

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