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Logitech G203 Lightsync vs Razer Viper Mini

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Above is the full in-depth video comparison

$40 / £40

For exact specifications of the mice check out their individual reviews:


Viper mini


There are some big differences in the shape between these two mice.

They are both semi-ambidextrous and very small.

The Viper mini is about 1.7mm longer and 8.6mm thinner than the G203. Both have a height of just over 38mm.

My hand size - 17cm x 8.5cm

Those with very large hands may struggle with these mice.

Palm - Not recommended for either. If you have small hands you may be able to palm the G203 with relative ease.

Claw - The Viper mini is better than the G203, it feels nicer in the hand and is more comfortable.

Fingertip - The G203 is better as it has a less aggressive curve which helps you feel like you're in control.

Both will work for fingertip and claw, it's also impossible to tell which you will prefer unless you get to use them before buying.


The Viper mini is 24g lighter than the G203 at just 61g, the G203 at 85g is noticeably heavier. Those who prefer a light mouse should definitely go for the Viper mini.


The G203 only tracks up to a height of 3 playing cards but the Viper mini tracks up to 7 cards. The G203 clearly wins here.

Both were responsive, accurate and precise, but the Viper mini had much more cursor jiggle when adjusting the mouse.


The primary mouse clicks on both are responsive and took the right amount of force to press. If I had to pick, the G203 feel slightly higher quality but I can't put my finger on why I think they're better.

A sound comparison of the mice buttons can be found here.

The side buttons on both were good. The G203 buttons stick out a bit more and have a defined gap in the middle. The Viper mini buttons were more slim and had a smaller gap in the middle, which initially made them easier to use as they were easier to find. But after enough use they were comparable, both took the right amount of force and felt nice.

The scroll wheel was good on both mice, they had a rubber feel and distinct steps. The G203 once again managed to feel slightly higher quality and I can't tell why again.


The viper mini came with Razer's braided "speedflex" cable. It was very flexible and very nice to use.

The G203 came with a rubber cable which doesn't look as nice but was good enough quality.

The Viper mini is ahead with the cable.


The Viper mini has two large feet, whereas the G203 has four small feet in each corner.

The Viper mini just did a better job, the light weight and extra surface area on the feet really complemented each other.


The G203 clearly wins, it has three RGB zones which makes it much more customisable than the single zone on the Viper mini.

Neither piece of software was better than the other, both are free and easy to download and all for lots of customisation.


Palm grip users should avoid either of these mice, but if you must, go for the G203 if you have small hands.

For claw and fingertip it is a bit more difficult, neither shape is better than the other.

If you like a low weight, the Viper mini has a great pull as it's 24g lighter and I prefer it for that reason. If you don't care about weight then the G203 has a higher sensor and generally better quality feel so I'd suggest that.

The lighting on the G203 does look a lot better, so if that matters to you then go for it.

Buy the G203 Lightsync:



Buy the Razer Viper Mini:



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