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Razer Deathadder Essential Critical Review

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

A full in-depth video review can be found here

$50 / £50

However, it can often be found on sale for $30 / £35


Weight - 96g

Dimensions - Length - 127mm Width - 61.7mm Height - 42.7mm

The mouse has a right handed shape.

Hand size - 17cm x 8.5cm

Palm - Very comfy, large ergonomic shape is good.

Claw - Not for small hands, for my hands it was usable.

Fingertip - You will need larger hands.

Feet - Terrible, inconsistent, felt like sandpaper.

Cable - Braided and very stiff, also terrible.


Razer's own sensor

DPI of up to 6,400

Lift off distance - 8 playing cards

The high lift off distance and high weight lead to a lot of cursor jiggle and small jitters.


The primary mouse buttons were fine and on par with other mice in this price range.

Here is a link to a sound test of the buttons.

Side buttons - Weren't too bad, they are big and don't take a lot of force to use.

Scroll wheel - Not very good feel, found I double scrolled a lot and it rattled a bit.


The lighting is present on the scroll wheel and logo however, it is only green, the lighting effect such as strobing can be changed in the Razer software.

Software was good but not much can be done to the mouse using it. You also need the software, which requires making an account.


Overall this mouse is very disappointing, at $50 it is an absolute joke and on sale it is better but still a hard sell. It is definitely a stripped down version of a Deathadder, but not worth the price. I wouldn't recommend buying this mouse.

Buy the Razer Deathadder Essential



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