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Remove unlock bootloader warning on Moto G 2014

After unlocking the bootloader on your Moto G 2014 (titan) you will find an annoying ‘Unlocked Bootloader Warning’ everytime upon boot, this can be quite annoying. This simple guide will help you remove this warning by replacing it with the original Motorola Logo.

Method 1 (Fastboot)

  • Download this file to your computer (If you don’t already have them you will need the ADB and Fastboot files)

  • Reboot you Moto G into Bootloader (power off and hold volumedown and power for 3 seconds) and connect to your computer

  • Type ‘fastboot devices’ to verify your device is connected, if it is fastboot and a string of numbers and letters will appear

  • If everything is working type ‘fastboot.exe flash logo logo.bin’

  • Wait this this to flash, afterwards you may unplug your device and boot up normally

  • The warning should no longer be present

Method 2 (TWRP/Recovery)

  • Download this file to your device

  • Reboot your device into recovery mode (volume down + power to enter bootloader, then select recovery)

  • Click install and flash the .zip file

  • The warning should no longer be present

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