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Root Kindle Fire HD

Method 1 (Using Computer)

Root Your Kindle Fire HD 2012 running version 7.5.1

Rooting your kindle is the first step towards getting a custom recovery, installing custom ROMs or even just getting the google play store. This method does require a computer, but is very reliable and is actually simpler overall. However if you don’t have access to a computer then my other method still works here. You can either follow these steps or watch the video below.

  • On your device go into settings (Swipe down from the top and press more) then scroll to “Security”. Set enable ADB to on a press ‘Ok’ on the warning. Go home on your device, make sure your kindle is NOT connected to the computer yet.

  • Download the Tekify – Root Kindle Fire HD .zip file on to your computer and extract it.

  • In the extracted folder you will find another folder and a file named “KindleDrivers”, double click this file and press install, when another window pops up press next and wait for the install to complete, once it is done you can click finish and close out the remaining window. Your computer is now ready to use ADB and Fastboot.

  • Once again in the extracted folder open the folder named “Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v33” inside is a number of items. Double click “RunMe” (not the .sh file) and a command prompt will open.

  • Plug your Kindle into the computer with a USB cable and press 3 on your keyboard followed by enter.

  • After a bit of script has run a message asking you to restore your data will appear on your Kindle, click “Restore my data”, don’t worry this will do nothing.

  • 10 Seconds later your device will reboot, once it has booted up the lockscreen will be black and your device will be slow, this is normal.

  • Once your computer recognises the device again some more script will run and the window will close. Your device will also reboot one last time.

  • When your device is booted up you will have Root as well as an app called SuperUser installed.

Watch the video here.

Method 2 (No Computer Required)

Root Your Kindle Fire HD 2012 running version 7.5.1. This awesome method can easily be carried out without the use of a computer and is therfore extremely easy to complete. Here are the written steps or alternative you can watch the video below.

  • Download ES File Explorer from the Amazon AppStore (Any File Manager Will Work however this is my prefered and reccomended one)

  • Enable Installisation of Applications from Unknown Sources. (Settings > Device > Allow Installation of Applications)

  • Download Key Root Master.apk onto your device.

  • Open ES File Explorer and navigate to the “Downloads” folder

  • Click on Key Root Master.apk, the tap “Install” and once it is done press “Open”

  • An app in a very different language will open. It’s fine just follow my steps.

  • Tap on “Mulai Root” (The Middle Option) and wait for the next popup (It will take a few seconds for it to do its thing)

  • On the next Popup press the Red Option (The One on the Left)

  • You will see a message saying something along the lines of “Network Links Failiure” This is normal.

  • You are now rooted, just go home and you have Root Access.

  • HOWEVER, you are left with some foreign SuperUser app that can’t be deleted. (Which unless you speak that language I would probably change)

  • To do this you need to download SuperSU.apk and install just as we did Key Root Master except tap “Done” instead of Open.

  • Back on ES File Explorer acces the menu on the left and press “Tools” and enable “Root Explorer”, you will most likely get a popup, make sure to press the option on the right (Beginning with a ‘P’)

  • Next Tap the word “Root Explorer” and then press “Mount R/W” and make sure both radio buttons are set to “RW” and select “Ok”

  • Now navigate to the System Folder of you device, to do so press the “/” symbol in the top left corner (Your device needs to be in portrait mode) then tap “System” and finally press “App”

  • Scroll Down to “SuperUser.apk” and delete it! (Hold down on it and tap delete at the bottom)

  • Now you are Rooted and have an English, reliable SuperUser app!

Watch the video here.

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