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Royal Kludge RK61 Review

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Above is the full in-depth video review.


What's in the box?

  • Keyboard

  • USB type-C cable

  • Key cap remover

  • Instructions

Build Quality

Plastic build but feels quite sturdy, not too much flex and is good.


Four permanent rubber feet, no adjustable angle but the angle is nice and ergonomic. This makes it feel like a single solid piece which makes it more portable.

Key caps

Easy to read and have a nice feel but, I have my doubts on how long they will last due to the feel. However, this is something which can easily be replaced if they do break or you decide they aren't for you. The included ones certainly aren't bad though.

Key switches

This keyboard comes with mechanical switches which is impressive at this price range, the model tested had brown switches but you can also get it with red or blue switches. Obviously they aren't quite as good as Cherry MX switches, the feel and quality aren't quite the same but still good and way better than a membrane in my opinion. The keys felt responsive and had a nice actuation.

A typing sound test can be found here.


This is a 60% keyboard, it takes some getting used to the smaller layout but there is nothing you wouldn't expect. To access the F keys you press the function key and then the number keys. The / key was annoying as the arrow keys are the default, so you need to use the function key for a /.


Something that is surprising at this price point is that this keyboard can be used in wireless or wired modes. It connects via Bluetooth which is better than needing a dongle in my opinion as it's something extra to lose. It's rated for 10 hours of battery life and it felt like I was getting near that in my testing, it didn't feel like it was draining too quickly.

To switch between wired and wireless modes you use a small switch on the bottom of the keyboard. It can be paired to 3 devices at once and you can switch between them using the function key + Q, W or E. Which is really nice as you can switch between and laptop and desktop seamlessly.


RGB versions are available but the one tested only had a kind of golden/yellow colour LEDs which in the day did look a little bit brown but the brightness isn't too bad and it was alright to use. Brightness can be changed using the function key + square brackets and the function key + \ for lighting modes ( strobes, fades, etc ).

To see these effects click here.


Not the most premium keyboard, it doesn't quite compare to those higher end ones from big brands like Corsair, but it definitely feels like it's deserving of a price tag higher than the $45 it costs. It is very impressive for the price, it felt nice for typing and gaming and overall it was a great experience. I can definitely recommend this if you are looking for a cheap 60% keyboard.

Buy the Royal Kludge RK61:

Got a bigger budget? Check out the: Apex 5

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