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Soundcore Life P2 Mini

The Soundcore Life P2's were one of the first products I reviewed on my YouTube channel. The Life P2 Mini's are a similarly budget set of earphones with some updated features and a slightly smaller size. They can be bought for just £35 or $35 making them quite an appealing budget headphone.

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Due to their smaller size the Life P2 Mini are quite lightweight (4.6g each), making them comfortable to wear for long periods of time. A range of rubber earbuds are including in the box. The only thing I found was even with the correct size earbud they fit quite tightly in the ear. This creates a good seal for the sound and ensures the headphones don't fall out. The Life P2 Mini were perfectly usable at the gym or even while running, even though they are not specifically designed for sport. This however did take a bit of getting used to for me as it slightly reduced the comfort. Using a smaller earbud meant the headphones weren't secure.

Battery Life

Soundcore claim the case will allow for 32 hours of playtime, and although I haven't timed it that seems about right. Considering how small it is that's great. Similarly the earphones themselves comfortably last a good few hours, at least 5/6 of constant use in my experience. I didn't feel like they were running out of battery too quickly or I was having to charge the case too often. Personally I am happy to make the trade off of less battery life to have a smaller case. If you don't mind a large case and want the most battery life then check out the Soundcore Life Dot 2's


The case is relatively small and lightweight. They comfortably fit in my pocket. The small size to the earphone is also better looking in my opinion than a large earphone. Personally I still prefer an in ear, earbud design. That being said this design is done for better mic quality for phone calls, which is what these headphones are designed for. See the microphone selection below.

Sound Quality

Considering the price, the sound quality is excellent. Soundcore consistently do a good job of sound quality. While I am no audio expert I certainly didn't expect anything more from a £35 pair of headphones. The connection was also stable and I had no issue with the Bluetooth. Pairing was simple and easy. There is no active noise cancelling but I would not expect that for this price point.


The Soundcore Life P2 use touch sensitive buttons. I found these worked quite well. Below is the diagram from on how to use them.


The headphones physical design and microphone position helps with clearer, louder audio. If you use your headphones for calling alot these make more sense than an earbud design. Watch the YouTube video to hear a microphone test.


With no major faults the Life P2 Mini are a great budget set of wireless earphones. Rather than what is better outright, it is more of a case of which headphones suit your needs. These will be great if you do alot of phone calls. If you don't and maybe do more sports then I would personally look at something like the Soundcore Life A1 or A3i (Review soon).

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