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Bad Lift Off Distance! - Razer Viper Mini Critical Review

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Above is the full in-depth video review

$40 / £40


Weight - 61g

Dimensions - Length - 118.3mm Width - 53.5mm Height - 38.3mm

The mouse has a semi-ambidextrous shape.

My hand size - 17cm x 8.5cm

Palm - May be comfortable if you have small hands, but personally I'd pick something else.

Claw - Particularly large hands may struggle but medium and small hands will find this nice.

Fingertip - Usable with all hand sizes but it is very small so bear that in mind.

Cable - "Speedflex" braided cable which is great

Feet - Very good, glide smoothly and seem like they'll last a long time, which is good as no replacements are included.

The build quality is fairly high, Razer has done a good job keeping it fairly rigid and premium despite the low weight.


Pixart PMW 3359

DPI of up to 8500

Lift off distance - 7 playing cards

Very accurate and responsive and not much cursor jiggle.


The primary buttons are Razer's own optical switches.

They were quite nice to use, nice and rigid and took the right amount of force.

Here is a link to a sound test of the buttons.

Side buttons - Fairly thin and didn't stick out too much. Didn't take too much force to press and were a great pleasure to use.

Scroll wheel - Nice rubber feel but it felt like the texture may wear out over time. Nice distinct scroll between each step and a nice click.


Not exceptional, only a single RGB zone which is a bit behind some other mice with multiple zones. The logo and a small light bar at the rear of the mouse light up. The colours were nice but the light bar was a bit too low in my opinion so didn't reflect up, you couldn't really see it most of the time.

Everything is controlled through the razer synapse software, which is nice as it installs when you plug the mouse in. It's very simple and allows for a lot of customisation, all buttons can be reprogrammed to anything you want.


For $40/£40 this mouse is a great budget gaming mouse. 61g is a huge reason to buy this mouse and I really like it because of that. The rest of the performance was good although the lift off distance was a bit high. You just need to consider if this is the right mouse for you based on its size and your grip style.

Buy the Razer Viper Mini:



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